The Ultimate List of Essential Kids Ski Gear

Your kids are skiing and you have now gone out of your way to drop at least $3,000 plus (per kid) on making sure they could get to this moment. I have two kids of my own, so I know how much the kids ski gear, lessons, lodging and everything costs to get the little tikes rocking the slopes like you always envisioned.

But what kids ski gear do they need to continually improve their skills on the slopes that you should be thinking about? Beyond lessons, there are a few things you need to have before they hit the slopes.

Kids Ski Helmets

For starters I am going to go with safety. A helmet is an absolute must for kids these days.

The snow is harder because of the man made snow and the speeds are higher because of the new technology. Kids also like skiing into the trees and sides of catwalks where us older parents wish we didn’t have to follow.

A good helmet is $60 to $65 and worth its weight in gold. They are also adjustable now so they can use it for a number of years vs the old school one size bowling ball lids of the past. They are also super light so the kids love wearing them.

Kids Ski Boots

Stay away from the single buckle or rear entry boots that many places may put your kids into. They are bad for balance (fore/aft) and they are also ergonomic dinosaurs. Your child needs to be in a two or three buckle boot period (unless they are super tikes).

Kids Skis

We can't talk about kids ski gear without talking SKIS. Your child needs to be on skis that are more or less new.

Kids Ski Free deals are great but Kids Ski Free often involves the boots mentioned above and skis that are severely outdated, mistuned and unwaxed.

Believe it or not old kids skis have too much side cut that do not allow for a child control their skis. The tips always cross and they cannot stay on top of the skis.

Yes there is even a science to kids skis and you need to make sure your kids equipment is new or newer and one look at the top sheets, colors, bindings and dimensions of the ski will tell you.

If they look old and beat up they are.

Just because they are younger doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. I know what lessons cost per day and the $25 a day for good kids ski gear is well worth quality time on the hill for your youngsters.

Ski Poles

Ski poles for kids get in the way until they are 6 years of age. While it might look cool or seem cool it is pointless and I cannot emphasize this enough.

Every small child I have ever taught or skied with 6 and under skis better without ski poles unless they are a prodigy.

Kids Ski Goggles

Your kid needs to see too you know. I cannot tell you how many super old, scratched up, beat down, junked out goggles are on kids faces.

Kids goggles cost $18 and are cheap because they can get tossed after a week of skiing. The sport is hard enough to learn as it is so help them out a little please.

Gloves or Mittens?

Mittens are warmer and I find that kids who have mittens tend to have drier hands from falling or playing in the snow. They also tend to keep from tinkering with their helmet and goggles when they have mittens since they cant really use their finger tips.

Hand Warmers

Every child on the snow should have hand warmers in their pockets as a back up. They should also have a snack or two like fruit chews. The quick fix goes a long way on the mountain top or in the middle of Why Not Catwalk.


This is a must for every little tike on the hill. Its not just for the cold but also for wind burn and if the snow if flying. Every kid I know should have a face mask around their neck or on their face. It helps with the sun too!

When you are getting your gear be sure to get it all for the little ones in your life. It will help ensure their day is as good as you want yours to be on the ski mountain

Written by Chad Fleischer